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September 2013
Schüling Buchkurier - Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Schüling


Anthony Sheridan

What Zoos Can Do

The Leading Zoological Gardens of Europe 2010 - 2020

Update 2013

The update, using 2 years' additional data to 31.12.2012, is an appendix to and should be used in conjunction with the original book 'What Zoos Can Do', published in May 2011. Whilst the selection criteria for zoos included in the survey remain unchanged, the unique information and analyses have been extended:

• 92 instead of 80 zoos from 23 instead of 21 countries
• 37 instead of 27 factors analysed for ranking lists
• 5 additional iconic species
• 8 instead of 5 other European zoos of special significance
• Zoos in 3 groups A, B, C instead of A, B

2013, 64 pages, 23,8 x 16,8 cm, Paperback, Schüling Verlag, 9,95 Euro



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Neue Angebote
Wilson, Don E.; Mittermeier, Russell A. (Eds.):
Handbook of the Mammals of the World - Vol. 5: Monotremes and Marsupials
158,00 EUR

Burgers' Zoo:
Arnheim - Burgers' Zoo Wegweiser 2014 deutsch
6,00 EUR

6,80 EUR

Erik van Vliet:
Exhibiting Zoo Animals
49,00 EUR

Jauch, Dieter:
Wilhelma Stuttgart (Wegweiser Bonobo) - Der zoologisch-botanische Garten in Stuttgart
4,50 EUR

Zoo-Verein Wuppertal e.V.:
Pinguinal Nr. 16 / 1-2015
3,00 EUR

Heidelberg Zoo aktuell 1/15
2,50 EUR

Berlin Tierpark Friedrichsfelde -Takin Heft 2/2014
3,00 EUR

Bernard Tschumi, Veronique Descharrieres, Catherine Rambourg:
Architecture Zoo: Parc Zoologique De Paris. The Architectural Project
35,00 EUR

Maryvonne Leclerc-Cassan, Dominique Pinon, Isabelle Warmoes, Thomas Grenon:
Le parc zoologique de Paris : Des origines à la rénovation
39,00 EUR

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