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From time to time the Schüling Buchkurier is auctioning interesting items of its antiquarian list online. Check the homepage to be up to date.
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Our antiquarian offers online

You can have a look at our antiquarian list with our entire stock of zoo-guides, pedigree books, zoo-related magazines etc. The list comprises far more than 15,000 items you can dispose of. We have prepared an excel-file for You (May 5th 2014). Just send us an e-mail if you prefer a pdf-file. In addition we purchase diverse material and offer the opportunity to quarry personally. (The latter only with date arrangement). Our titles are also available on www.booklooker.de!



All prices value-added tax (7 %) included, plus postage (Rates for Germany: up to 500 g: EUR 1,25, up to 1,000 g: EUR 2,00, from 1 to 31,5 kg: parcel EUR 5,50; Rates for EU: up to 500 g: EUR 3.00, up to 1,000 g: EUR 5.50, from 1 to 31,5 kg: parcel EUR 11,00) (no postage when other books from the Schueling Buchkurier are ordered).

From an order value of EUR 200.00 up postage is free!

No extra charge for packaging. - 'Second-hand bookshop' for us means: it contains items that we got as odd pieces. Each item can therefore only be sold once (nevertheless some items are several times in stock). Reservations are not made. Please note down on your order the serial order number as well as a headwork (e.g. 170, Kronberg 1990). When having a written order we do not report back to you if the desired position(s) is/are no more in stock.
Orders made by phone or enquiries respectively are however welcome! You can of course also choose what you want at our premises in Muenster (please fix a date!).

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Neue Angebote
Wilson, Don E.; Mittermeier, Russell A. (Eds.):
Handbook of the Mammals of the World - Vol. 5: Monotremes and Marsupials
158,00 EUR

Burgers' Zoo:
Arnheim - Burgers' Zoo Wegweiser 2014 deutsch
6,00 EUR

6,80 EUR

Erik van Vliet:
Exhibiting Zoo Animals
49,00 EUR

Jauch, Dieter:
Wilhelma Stuttgart (Wegweiser Bonobo) - Der zoologisch-botanische Garten in Stuttgart
4,50 EUR

Zoo-Verein Wuppertal e.V.:
Pinguinal Nr. 16 / 1-2015
3,00 EUR

Heidelberg Zoo aktuell 1/15
2,50 EUR

Berlin Tierpark Friedrichsfelde -Takin Heft 2/2014
3,00 EUR

Bernard Tschumi, Veronique Descharrieres, Catherine Rambourg:
Architecture Zoo: Parc Zoologique De Paris. The Architectural Project
35,00 EUR

Maryvonne Leclerc-Cassan, Dominique Pinon, Isabelle Warmoes, Thomas Grenon:
Le parc zoologique de Paris : Des origines à la rénovation
39,00 EUR

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